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How to choose sports underwear?

Girls' favorite sports underwear with high CP value, good-looking, wearable and sexy are all here!

There are hundreds of styles of sports bras, but in the end its functional design is to reduce the shaking of the chest during exercise. As for how to choose a sports bra that suits your body shape? A few tips for choosing sports bras are now shared with you!

When it comes to "sports bra", perhaps many young girls don't know much about it, and many people even don't choose to wear sports bras even if they do sports. This is really a completely NG habit! You may not know that a lot of body shaking during exercise will bring great pressure and burden to the chest. Taking running as an example, assuming that every time you run 1.6 kilometers, the chest will also shake at the same time, and the amplitude of the up and down shaking can reach 21 cm , and the shaking track adds up to more than 135 meters. In conversion, when you run a full marathon for 42 kilometers, it means that your chest will shake for 3.5 kilometers, but wearing the right sports bra can reduce your chest shaking by 73%. Exercising without wearing sports bras correctly for a long time will cause your breasts to sag and expand more seriously, which is the most important reason why you need to wear the right sports bras for sports.

The intensity of exercise has different effects. There are hundreds of styles and patterns of sports underwear, but in the end its functional design is to reduce the shaking of the chest during exercise. When choosing, you must choose according to your own breast cup. Only by choosing according to the exercise intensity can you protect your chest well. As for how to choose the sports bra that suits your body type? A few small steps to share with you now!

Choose sports underwear TIPS:

1. "Comfort" - the most important key, too loose or too tight will not work

2. "Exercise Intensity" - different sports bras should be worn for different sports intensities. It is not recommended to use one sports bra for all kinds of sports.

Decide on underwear style -

High support: high-intensity exercise → boxing, running, dancing, aerobics

Moderate support: moderate-intensity exercise → fitness training, cycling, ball games

Low support: low-intensity exercise → yoga, Pilates, ballet stretching exercises

3. "Chest shake" - if the chest shakes too much, it will cause pulling, injury, or even sagging, so the design of the chest shake must also be taken into consideration when selecting

4. "Stability" - complete coverage, no displacement & no exposure

5. "Cloth" - Be sure to choose sports underwear with good perspiration effect, moisture absorption and quick drying are the first choice

6. "Support pressure" - a good sports bra is to support pressure rather than "cause pressure". Don't force your chest into unsuitable sports bra

Small test steps:

1. Stretch upwards to make sure the lower band does not slide

2. Lean forward and twist left and right to check whether there is pressure or gap

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